In 2008 I opened this little shop, a project developed with many years of experience behind me, but a completely new situation experienced personally and for the first time alone.

The only things clear from the beginning were the ideas:

I would have loved to have a shop that could bring the widest variety of customers possible. I would have liked a broad range of products selected for their quality, materials and mechanical properties.

I wanted this little shop to become a great reference point. This work is still in progress and ideas, year after year, have increased, so now there's two of us pursuing this project.

Our close collaboration with all Italian publishers allows us to offer our customers a large selection of products related to boardgames and role­playing games.

Our nearly twenty years of experience in the field of Magic lead us to attend the main events in Europe to try everything our customers, from players to collectors, could desire.

I can only invite you to visit us and if all these words were not enough, remember that we are just a few minutes from the Vatican Museums :­)

See you soon and enjoy your game whatever it is!

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